Q: What is off-site records storage and management?
A: Anyone can store records. It is a much larger job to manage them. Storing records means putting them somewhere out-of-sight and out of mind. Managing records means you have ready access to your files when you need them. It also means protecting the records you need and destroying those you don't. Records help agencies conduct their business in an efficient and accountable manner. They represent a corporate asset and like any asset, need to be managed.

Q: How can Hunter Records Storage save us money?
A: At today's per square foot costs for office space, storing off-site is an economical and secure way to store records without sacrificing accessibility. When calculating your costs, don't forget to consider on-site issues such as filing cabinets and wasted time spent looking for misplaced files, etc.

Q: What records should I be considering storing off-site?
A: As an informal guideline, records that are being accessed less than four times a year are deemed suitable for off-site storage.

Q: If we need help getting started, what do we do?
A: Hunter Records Storage staff will provide a free consultation at your office. A comprehensive off-site storage and management program can also be developed to best fit your needs. Please contact the Hunter Records Storage Manager (records@hunterrecords.com.au).

Q: How quickly can we move files and documents into storage?
A: Immediately

Q: How do we prepare boxes to go off-site?
A: Hunter Records Storage has prepared a set of instructions for the boxing and labelling of records for transfer to its facility. Please contact the Manager (records@hunterrecords.com.au).

Q: What if we need additional boxes and labels?
A: Hunter Records Storage can provide boxes and labels on request. Our storage boxes are designed to "industry standards" and built using a "double wall" construction for durability and strength. Various sizes are available.

Q: Where will my records be stored?
A: Your records are stored in a purpose built facility compliant with the requirements set out in the Standard on the Physical Storage of Records, prepared by State Records of NSW.

Q: Can we retrieve just the file, or the entire box?
A: Hunter Records Storage uses a state of the art barcode tracking system which allows for the retrieval of individual files or the entire box. Tell us what file you need and we will pull it out of the box, barcode it, and deliver it to you. Every file that is removed from the box is barcoded so that we can track its movement. This ensures that the file will never be misplaced.

Q: What access to I have to my records?
A: Access to your records is available during regular business hours. In addition, web access is available 24/7 using the Hunter Records Storage website.

Q: How long will it take you get our information and how do we request it?
A: Requests are accepted using phone, fax, email, or via the website. There are several choices available for getting the information to you, including courier, priority mail, and "urgent" delivery. Hunter Records Storage also provides a customer pick-up service.

Q: Who can have access to my records?
A: Confidentiality and privacy are a #1 priority with Hunter Records Storage. Only authorised personnel are allowed into the facility. We will only permit access to your staff that have been authorised by you. This must be arranged through the Manager at Hunter Records Storage. An authorisation letter must be presented along with identification on collection of any material.

Q: How secure is the facility?
A: Hunter Records Storage offers state of the art fire detection and prevention systems, sophisticated alarm systems and motion detectors in use 24 hours a day, with physical security supplied by a third party security company.

Q: How do you keep track of all the records you store?
A: We use O'Neill Records Management Software, RS-SQL that enables Hunter Records Storage to track your records every step of the way. We barcode each container then scan each box to a location to ensure accuracy in tracking. We know the location of each item we store at all times. We track everything from the time it is picked up, unloaded, put on the shelf, pulled down, and delivered.

Q: Are you prepared for a disaster?
A: Yes. Hunter Records Storage has a disaster prevention and recovery program in place. For more information please contact the Records Manager (records@hunterrecords.com.au).

Q: How long should records be stored?
A: Your records should be stored for the length of time indicated in an approved retention schedule.

Q: Will Hunter Records Storage destroy my records when we no longer need them?
A: No records are destroyed without the formal permission of the originating agency. Once approval has been given to destroy those records, Hunter Records Storage can provide you with secure disposal. We will also issue a Certified Destruction Certificate for your records.