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Hunter Records Storage is a unique and innovative example of Local Government co-operation. An initiative of the 11 Councils in the Hunter Valley (Cessnock City Council, Dungog Shire Council, Gloucester Shire Council, Great Lakes Council, Lake Macquarie City Council, Maitland City Council, Muswellbrook Shire Council, Newcastle City Council, Port Stephens Council, Singleton Council and Upper Hunter Shire Council). The decision to build and operate a records facility was driven by the need to not only meet the Councils' own needs for records storage as required by the State Records Act, but to offer these services to other councils, Federal and State agencies, hospitals, universities, private sector organisations, indeed anyone who requires the services of such a specialised component of the records storage industry.

With the formal support of the Minister and the Department of Local Government, a company formed to own and operate the business, Hunter Councils Ltd. Although established on a commercial footing, any financial benefits accruing through the operation of the business will be returned to support community activities through Hunter Councils Ltd.

Our Services

We offer the follwoing services:

  • 24 Hour Web Access to your records
  • Secure Storage
  • Receival/ Retrieval
  • Collection & Delivery - Standard, Priortity Service, Authorised Collection by the client
  • Cataloguing & Indexing
  • Sentencing
  • Re-Boxing
  • Fax Transmission/ Photocopying
  • Document Imaging
  • Secure & Ecologically Susainable Waste Disposal
  • Product Supply including boxes and bar code labels
  • Records Consultancy

Our Facility

Our purpose-built concrete facility has the following features:

  • Protection from environmental hazards such as flood and pollution
  • No potential to be impacted by the encroachment of residential properties influencing land holding costs
  • Fire detection and suppression system incorporating V.E.S.D.A. (Very Early Smoke Detection System) and dry pipe fire supression system
  • 24/ 7 electronic and physical security including motion alarm system, keypad controlled access, and security fencing

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